Plus token inflows by smart money
Plus, the best article I've ever read on tokenomics
Boring market but I managed to scrape together an interesting/enticing issue for you all. X2Y2/LooksRare, Nouns, Degenz/Regenz, & more.
Hello everyone. I was sick this week & didn’t do much of anything (even skipped VeeCon) - apologies for the absence in your inbox. Luckily, it was a…
Happy Sunday! Probably have another quiet week ahead in crypto, right? New move-to-earn app When I discovered OliveX (publicly traded on Australia’s…
Bear markets are for educating & improving yourself. So without many trades to report today, here are my favorite NFT reads compiled by Minion on…
Plus what I'm doing next
Plus update on X2Y2 vs LooksRare
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Diary of a Degen